I have accomplished myself as a technology leader since many decades, as I have worked for IT since the last 20 years and have been exposed to a wide range to technical expertise and gained experience with software giants such as IBM, INTEL,Virtusa. With an academic backing of Master’s degree in Engineering from a premium institution, “The Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore”, my interest was more toward holistic training for students.


Over the past several years of my training pursuit, my testimony has always been towards imparting technical education for over 25,000 students who are graduates, post-graduates in computer science and IT. Some of my students have had their successful stint on various technologies across various countries.

My training endeavour has won many awards such as the Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award in 2008, Rashtriya Rattan Award in 2009, Mahatma Gandhi Sanman Award in 2014.

Nipuna Technologies is my dream project for technical learning, this dream project would enable the students who are seekers for technical education and want to become an industry professional. The training facility would empower students to become masters in their level.